Towing Electrics

Whatever you are towing you will need electrics

The electrics will be fitted in one of the following ways

Watton Towing, Towing Electrics
Watton Towing, Towing Electrics

There are three options available

Single, 7 pin or 12N Electrics
Fixed Swan Neck, Watton Towing

This is a single socket that operates the lights on your trailer or lightboard.

Reverse light is not available with this option.

Towing Electrics, Watton Towing
13 pin Euro Socket

Fitted to most caravans since 2008

A single 13pin euro socket that combines the two functions (12N & 12S) Modern caravans are fitted with this option. 

With detachable swan necks this option is the best option as the socket usually swings up out of the way and out of sight

when the towbar is not being used.

Usually only found on older caravans nowadays

There are two sockets, a black 12N socket as in option 1 and a grey 12S socket

The grey socket is used to run the fridge, keep the leisure battery topped up (charged) and also operates the reverse light on your trailer.

Towing Electrics
Twin or 12N & 12S Electrics

There are adapters available to convert from option to option 

**  Dont forget your number plate we make them on site - Documents required   **