Erde 122 Trailer, Watton Towing

The Erde trailers that we supply are all

                                                                -  type approved and supplied with Certificates of Conformity & VIN plates 

                                                                                  - made from robust corrosion resistant galvanised steel

                                                                                  - have an extensive range of accessories available

                                                                                  - able to be stored on end as they have recessed lights

                                                                                  - made with a quick release (manual) tipping mechanism

   Trailers in Stock       

Erde 122 Trailer                                            Erde 143 Trailer

We supply all trailers fully assembled at no extra cost

Erde Trailer, Watton Towing


Erde Trailers, Watton Towing, Dereham, Norwich, Kings Lynn, Wymondham, Attleborough

Ideal Camping Trailers

Lightweight but strong and ideal for Camping, Moving Compact Loads, Garden Rubbish, or Car Boots  

Erde Trailers, Watton Towing, Attleborough, Thetford, Wymondham, Kings Lynn, Norwich, Dereham

**     Don't forget we can make you a number plate on site - Documents required    **