Thule Roof Racks & Roof Boxes

Thule, Watton Towing

Thule systems are thoroughly tested and are

only given the official seal of approval once they've survived

numerous crash tests, wear & tear simulations

and are even tested for heat, cold, damp, sunlight & harsh chemicals

Evo WingBar
Evo SlideBar

Evo SlideBar

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Two way functionality, for

easiest possible loading

Edge WingBar
Edge WingBar

Edge WingBar

Low profile aerodynamic system for a quiet ride, easy installation of accessories & an integrated design

Thule SmartRack


Complete universal rack including feet, locks & Thule AeroBars

Suitable for raised railings

Evo WingBar

Evo WingBar

Evo ProBar

Heavy duty system with unique tri-slot design for fitting multiple accessories

Evo ProBar

Aerodynamic system for a quiet ride, easy installation of accessories & maximum loading area

Roof racks are available to order

for your free no obligation price - we will need details of your vehicle

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Roof box Excellence XT

Excellence XT

470 L             75Kg                     205 x 85 x 35cm                    218 x 94 x 40cm  

Dynamic M roof box

Dynamic M

glossy black & titan metalic or titan metallic & glossy black

glossy black or titan glossy

320 L             75Kg                     198 x 75 x 27cm                    206 x 84 x 34cm

Dynamic L roof box

Dynamic L

glossy black or titan glossy

430 L             75Kg                     226 x 85 x 28cm                    235 x 94 x 35cm

Motion XT sport roof box

Motion XT Sport

300 L             75Kg                     177 x 57 x 37cm                    189 x 67.5 x 43cm

Motion XT M roof box

400 L             75Kg                     164 x 76 x 40cm                    175 x 86.5 x 46cm

Motion XT M

matte black

Motion XT L roof box

450 L             75Kg                     182 x 80 x 36cm                    195 x 89 x 44cm

Motion XT L

glossy black or titan glossy

500 L             75Kg                     200 x 80 x 38cm                    215 x 91.5 x 44cm

Motion XT XL

glossy black or titan glossy

Motion XT XXL

610 L             75Kg                     222 x 84 x 41cm                    232 x 95 x 47cm

Motion XT Alpine roof box

Exclusive, sleek and convenient roof box - unique 2 tone colour combo, advanced aerodynamics & diffuser technology, dual side opening & integrated light

Automatic load fixation - by closing the lid the load will  be automatically secured with the new integrated loading net & crash nose

Sporty, aerodynamically designed with diffuser technology to optimise air flowaround the box and a roof hugging baseline to fit your car roof perfectly

Dualside opening for convenient loading & unloading

Integrated base mat with non-slip surface

Stylish & spacious cargo box, optimised for ease of use

Maximum space efficiency across a wide range of vehicle fits

Easy to mount thanks to PowerClick quick-mount system. The integrated torque indicator "clicks" when the box is properly mounted

Dualside opening provides easy access to all areas

Full trunk access with minimal risk of contact with the cargo box, thanks to it's forward position on the vehicle roof

Optimised design for best space efficiency, aerodynamics & vehicle fit

Pre-installed PowerClick quick mount system "clicks" when properly mounted

Easy to open & close in all conditions due to grip friendly outer handles & supporting lid lifters

SideLock system with seperate locking & opening functions

Automatically locks the lid & indicates when the box is closed securely

450 L             75Kg                     222 x 85 x 30cm                    232 x 95 x 35cm

Motion XT Alpine

Versatile cargo box

for everyday use

glossy black or titan glossy

glossy black or titan glossy

Force XT Sport roof box

matte black

Force XT Sport

Force XT roof box
Force XT roof box

Force XT S

Force XT M

Force XT L

Force XT XL

300 L             75Kg                     179 x 52 x 37cm                    190 x 63 x 42.5cm

300 L             75Kg                     127 x 78 x 34cm                    139 x 89.5 x 39cm

400 L             75Kg                     162 x 71 x 40cm                    175 x 82 x 45.5cm

450 L             75Kg                     177 x 73 x 41cm                    190 x 84 x 46cm

500 L             75Kg                     197 x 75 x 39cm                    210 x 86 x 44cm

matte black

Thule roof box

Force XT Alpine

420 L             75Kg                     218 x 59 x 37cm                    230 x 70 x 42.5cm

matte black

Roof boxes are available to order and usually arrive within a couple of days 
















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