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6Ft x 4Ft Eco Trailer

This single axle trailer is designed & built to be

lightweight & easily manoeuvred.

Comes complete with mesh sides & ramp rear door

Trailer Features

  • 750Kg Gross Towing Capacity

  • E Marked LED Lighting

  • Alko Rubber Torsion Suspension

  • Heavy Duty Axle Beam with Knott Stubs

  • Breakaway Cable

  • Jockey Wheel

  • Plastic Mudguards

  • Floatation Tyres 205-8x10

  • Pressed Steel Coupling

  • Reinforced Ramp Door 

  • Fully Type Approved

  • High Quality Resin Flooring

In Stock & Ready to Tow Away 


Including VAT

(£1550 + VAT)

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